East Gippsland Fishing Report


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                                           Fishing Report 20th July, 2017




Lakes Entrance

All the town jetties are producing mullet, tailor and luderick, best baits being blue bait, worm and weed. The surf is a bit wild but salmon are about off shore. Six mile reef for pinkies, morwong and nanagi. Best bait being pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers

Pile Bay, Crystal Bay and Long Point for bream. From Morgan’s Landing to Devil’s Hole has bream on worm and prawn. The surf is a bit windy but still producing salmon on pilchard and poppers.

Mitchell River

From Shadoof Lodge to the highway bridge for bream, best bait prawn, spider crab and worm. Tailor are chasing silver lures from Eagle Point to the backwaters.

Tambo River

The Twin Rivers Classic was a great one this year. There was a good turn out with great prizes. Well done again to the people concerned. From the power lines and down to the Blue Hole for bream on worm.


From the highway bridge and to the strait six for bream on worm.


Town jetties, the board walk and quiet backwaters are best for bream and mullet taking worm and prawn. Boxes Creek is also worth a try.


Newlands Arm for mullet taking worm. The Ocean Grange jetty for bream on prawn and worm. The dolphins have returned.

Holland’s Landing

Loch Sport town jetties for mullet on worm. Blonde Bay, Storm Point and down to Spoon Bay for bream on soft shell pippies and prawn.


Try the town jetties for mullet on worm. With the windy conditions the surf is still producing plenty of salmon with pilchards and poppers as preferred bait.

Bemm River

The lake is still the best for bream on prawn and worm. The surf has salmon taking pilchards, blue bait and metal lures. The entrance is still closed.

Tamboon Inlet

Pear Tree Creek, Fisherman’s Landing and Duck Splash are good for bream, mullet and tailor. Best baits are blue bait, cut crab and worm.


The surf beaches for salmon on pilchard and poppers. Bream are also in the lake, best results using lures. Top and bottom lakes for bream on yabbies. Harrisson’s Channel for bream and luderick. Try the main wharf for trevally on chicken

Omeo High Country