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 Fishing Report 15th February, 2018



Lakes Entrance

Town, footbridge and Myer Street jetties for Mullet and Trevally taking pilchard, and worm. The island and Barrier for a mixed bag. Offshore, some good-sized Snapper and Morwong and close to the surf for Flathead and “Gummies” taking squid and pilchard.


Lake Tyers

Fishing is patchy but if you move about you will find Flathead and Bream. No. 2 boat ramp, the shallow section and in deep water you will find Bream, Flathead and Tailor. Preferred bait being prawn and soft plastics.


Mitchell River

The water adjacent the Silt Jetties, Dawson Point, Two Bells and the “Cut” are worth a look. Grassy Bank to Shadoof Lodge is best for Bream using lures, prawn and soft plastics.


Tambo River

At the moment, the blue hole and the cliffs are producing Bream taking local prawn. There is juvenile Bream about as well.



Best spots for Bream are the river mouths and into Jones Bay. Preferred bait being lures, local prawn and plastics.



Try the mouth of the Mitchell River for Bream.   Bancroft Bay for Trevally and Bream.   The rock wall, Marina and main wharf using worm, prawn and crab for best results.



Mullet are about around shallow sand bank taking worm. Duck Arm again is still producing Bream and Flathead in the late afternoon on plastics and prawn.


Holland’s Landing

Try the woodpile, Hollands Landing, Tom’s Creek and Blonde Bay for Bream, Flathead and Mullet. Best bait being crab, worm and prawn. Also give soft plastics a try.



Surf for Salmon taking pilchards and poppers.   Try around “three tree islands” for Bream and Prawn. French’s Narrows for Flathead and Bream taking prawn and worm.


Bemm River

Bream in the lake taking hard body lures and soft plastics. Still some Tailor in the channel biting on soft plastics. Surf for Salmon on pilchard, popper and metal lures.


Tamboon Inlet

Cann River for Flathead, Bream and Perch on lures, imitation prawn and plastics. Mud Point for Flathead around shallow banks on soft plastics and prawns.



Flathead are in the bottom lake in early morning taking soft plastics. Bream are active in both lakes taking bass yabbies as preferred bait. Fisheries wharf for Trevally and Tailor on pilchard and white bait.


Omeo High Country

Give the Mitta Mitta a try for Trout. Best results using hopper, flies and spinners.   A good dose of patience is required.   Rocky Valley Dam is also worth a try.