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Winton has a rich history with links to the Great Shearers’ Strike, Waltzing Matilda and Qantas, but today the town is almost as well known for something far more ancient.dinosaurs.

The first official dinosaur discovery in Winton Shire was made in 1962, on Cork Station – a fossilised footprint, with the site later revealing a stampede with over 3,300 footprints. Later discoveries were the then largest dinosaur found in Australia, a 20-30 ton Sauropod, nicknamed ‘Elliot’, discovered on a property outside Winton in 1999, and his friends, more Sauropods of the group called Titanosaurs (the largest dinosaurs to walk the earth) in varying sizes and types – and ‘Banjo’, Australia’s largest known carnivorous dinosaur.

Winton Hiker on Carisbrook Station Arid Landscape

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      Winton Age of Dinosaurs

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