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The township of Clare was founded in 1840 by Irishman Edmund Burton Gleeson. Initially the town was known by a variety of names, including "The Twins", "Inchiquin" and "Gleeson’s Village", but finally Gleeson settled on "Clare", in homage to his Irish home county.

The two-week ride to Adelaide meant Tself-sufficiency was essential, but the richness of the land soon attracted more settlers. A little to the north, the Hawker brothers established Bungaree Station, a large farming enterprise that still operates today. As well as livestock, orchards dotted the countryside, and the region became known as the ‘Garden of the North’.

Today, Clare is the regional centre and main service town for visitors and locals alike. It is home to most major banks, retail outlets, a wide variety of accommodation, dining options and recreational facilities. Its many parks and gardens, together with the beauty of the surrounding hills, lend it a special charm

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