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Berri is located on the banks of the Murray River and, as a response to its location, the district's primary attractions include exploring the area by canoe, mooching up the Murray on a houseboat, going fishing or swimming, sailing or wind surfing and watching out for the rich wildlife that lives on the banks of the river. After World War II, the town become associated, in the minds of most Australians, with the huge Berri wine and orange juice factory, which produced a significant proportion of the country's orange juice. The name lives on with "Berri - Since 1943" but the factory has been closed for many years. Today the town is known for its attractive riverfront with floating wharf platforms, lookouts, historic monuments, an indigenous bridge mural and areas for picnics and sports activities.


Berri is located 241 km north-east of Adelaide via the Sturt Highway. It is 31 metres above sea level.

Origin of Name

The Erawirunga Aboriginal people lived along the Murray River prior to European settlement and it is said that 'berri' simply means 'a wide bend in the river' in their language.

     Houseboat Murray River

 Credit South Australian Tourism Commission

        Berri Lookout Tower

      Campfire by the River

        Credit Adam Bruzzone