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Marlo Information

Population: 300<p>Marlo is situated on the legendary Snowy River, a scenic 15 minute drive from Orbost with wetlands, rainforest, sand dunes and backwaters.<p>The estuary boasts some of the best perch and bream fishing to be found anywhere. Along with yellow-eyed mullet, trevally, tailor, luderick and other assorted species, Marlo is truly a fishermans paradise. The winter brings the excitement of trawling for salmon and tailor in the estuary.<p>The sheltered waters allow fishing all year in most weather conditions.


CAPE CONRAN COASTAL PARK - Bush walking, wonderful lookout points - 20 mins. driv

ORBOST - Wood Museum, Opal Gallery - 10 mins. drive

BUCHAN CAVES - 1 hour drive - are famous for its spectacular limestone caves. Guided tours are conducted daily in both Royal Cave and Fairy Cave. Fairy Cave, discovered by Frank Moon in 1907, features elaborate stalactites and stalagmites. Royal Cave, discovered in 1910 by Frederick Wilson and opened to the public in 1913, features exquisite calcite-rimmed pools. Both caves are lit and have concrete pathways but are generally inaccessible to people with a disability because of the cramped and sometimes steep paths with many steps.

LAKES ENTRANCE - 1 hour drive - Lakes Entrance, is a favourite holiday resort since the turn of the century, is edged by the 90 Mile Beach and is home to the largest fishing fleet in Australia. Dine on the freshest seafoods with the best local wines. The weather is mild mediterranean type climate. There is evidence that winter temperatures can be the highest in Victoria. With a similar latitude as Palermo in Cicily, as Athens in Spain, and as San Francisco in the US, there are very few days of extreme heat or cold, making Lakes Entrance an ideal spot all year round.