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30km NE of Stratford

Best accessed from Princes Highway, 22km east of Stratford, via Fernbank Canoeing and rafting are popular activities on the Mitchell River, but this Park is best known for the lush temperate rainforest of the Woolshed Creek Gorge and the Den of Nargun. The gorges steep walls provide protection from the heat and drying winds. The amphitheatre provides very good views of the Gorge.

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Wallers Road
Car access via Lindenow and Glenaladale The early aborigines believed the den was inhabited by a devil-like creature, Nargun, and as such, it is a sacred site and is a major feature on the Bataluk Aboriginal Cultural Trail. The 20 minute signposted walk from the carpark leads walkers through sub tropical flora in the deep river valley to the den - a limestone cave containing stalactites and stalagmites.

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Explore relics from early 1900s silver mining operations adjacent to the Snowy River in this 15.5 km loop walk from MacKillops Bridge in the Snowy River National Park. The walk is recommended as an overnight trip.

  • McKillops Bridge is one of the few places in the park with access to the Snowy River by conventional vehicle. The Deddick River meets the Snowy just upstream of the bridge and wide sandy beaches with shallow rock pools between the rapids make this a great swimming spot.

  • This is also the best canoe-launching place for adventurers wanting to explore the gorges downstream. The Snowy offers thrilling canoeing or rafting with rugged gorges, rapids, flat sections with sand bars and beautiful scenery. The gently sloping sand bars make ideal camp sites.

  • The 18 km Silver Mine Walking Track and the short Snowy River Trail both leave from McKillops Bridge.

  • Little River Gorge, Victorias deepest gorge, is to the west of McKillops Bridge and downstream from the junction of the Little River and Snowy River. After a well-signed 800 metre drive off the Bonang-Gelantip Road, a 400 metre walking track leads to a cliff-top lookout over the gorge. The descent beyond Little River Gorge into McKillops Bridge is one of Victorias most precarious roads, unsuitable for caravans and semi-trailers.

  • In suitable conditions, visitors can drive along the Yalmy Road through magnificent tall forests to Waratah Flat, then walk through the surrounding forest. Raymond Falls in the south of the park can be reached all year round from Orbost along Moresford Track. A short walking track leads to a view of Raymond Falls plunging 20 metres into a deep, clear pool. McKillops Bridge is the finishing point for the Deddick Trail, a 43 km four-wheel drive track which starts on the Yalmy Road and travels through the heart of the park. Camping grounds are provided on the banks of the Snowy and Deddick.

  • Fishing in the Snowy River can be disappointing, but tributaries often have good trout.


Buchan Caves are famous for it's spectacular limestone caves. Guided tours are conducted daily in both Royal Cave and Fairy Cave. Fairy Cave, discovered by Frank Moon in 1907, features elaborate stalactites and stalagmites. Royal Cave, discovered in 1910 by Frederick Wilson and opened to the public in 1913, features exquisite calcite-rimmed pools. Both caves are lit and have concrete pathways but are generally inaccessible to people with a disability because of the cramped and sometimes steep paths with many steps.

  Buchan Caves Reserve Visitor Guide