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Using the booking search form above, you can search our accommodation database and find the perfect place to stay anywhere in our region. You have the option of narrowing your search by location, accommodation type, facilities, price range, and/or keyword.

To book available accommodation in our region NOW, simply enter your arrival date, number of nights of your stay and the number of guests. The results will be updated immediately with available properties. Follow the steps below to complete your booking.

If you would prefer to speak directly to one of our friendly consultants about your accommodation needs, click here to contact us.

Note that the following symbols show the property’s status on the site:

Instantly Confirmed
The property's rates and availability are 100% up to date and your booking will be instantly confirmed.

On Request
The property's availability will be confirmed within 24 hours.

  • If you know the name of the property at which you would like to stay - type in all or part of the property name in the Find by name box

  • If you don’t require a specific property - select any criteria in the drop down boxes provided. The results will be updated as soon as you select a new value in any drop down box. Bear in mind the more criteria you select, the more limited your search results will be.

  • To view more information about a property click on it's name . You will be taken to the property details page which contains room/accommodation types, descriptions, pictures, specials, availability and rates.

  • To book:

    - Find the room/unit you would like to book, click on the property name to load the property details page.

    - The property details page contains a booking gadget. Ensure the arrival date, number of nights and number of guests have the correct values selected. Then click on button Book Now or Request Now.

    - You now have the choice to Add this item to cart or Buy Now. If you require further accommodation, use the add to cart feature. If you are ready to proceed through the checkout, then use the buy now option.

    - Fill in all of the required fields as indicated by the labels in bold type.

    - For Book Now bookings you will need to enter your credit card information. For Request Now bookings, you will not need to provide payment details until the booking has been confirmed within 24hours.

    - Don't forget to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

    - Click Book Now once and only once.

    - Your booking will be confirmed on screen as well as by email. Additionally you will be provided with a link to download a PDF itinerary that you must save in a safe place.