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 Phillip Island Victoria Accommodation and Information

     Daily Surf Report


 A good summer-time location and unique because it can be surfed on a sea breeze. Requires moderate to heavy swell, breaking over flat rock.1. Shelly Beach - safe for beginners and seldom over a metre in size. Half to full tide is best. SW to SE. Left point and centre hump on low tides.2. Right point - left hand reef break. Requires more experience. Holds wave 2½ metres. Best on an incoming tide. S to E winds.3. Inside Right Point - high tide on smaller swells. Best at 1 metre. Watch the end suck rock. SW to SE.4. Flynn’s Reef - right hand reef. For the experienced surfer. One of the best and most used sites on Phillip Island. E to SE. Can be surfed to 2½-3 metres.


Consistent because of regular sand bank formations over rock. Generally the most surfed beach on Phillip Island. At its best on a low to moderate swell. Clubhouse stretch of beach is patrolled at weekends and school holidays. Left and right sand banks.1. Magiclands - all tides. E to SE winds, protected from stronger winds by Cape Woolamai. Best at 1 to 1½ metres.2. Woolamai - NE to N wind is best, but holds N to NW at the Ocean Reach western end of the beach. Consistently good with many State and national titles held here. Can be rippy and dangerous at times.3. Forrest Caves - N to NW. Occasional good waves but not as onsistent as Woolamai. Lefts or rights. Small to moderate swells.


Flat sand beach breaks. Mostly lefts. N to NW occasionally. Generally the best on low tide. Also heavy reefs producing the largest surfable waves on the Island. Experience a must.1. Surfies Point - right hand reef break, low to high tide. Moderate to heavy swell. NW wind and best in winter. Hold 3 metres plus.2. Express Point - right hand shallow reef break on moderate to heavy swell. Vet hollow, very danger


Safe family beach with left and right beach breaks. Moderate swells.1. Smith’s Beach - Sand banks. Peaks N to NW winds summer and winter. Patrolled in summer. Best at 1 to 1½metres. Popular summer beach. Summer crowds.2. YCW Beach - NW to N wind. Good for bodyboarding with high tide shore breaks at western end and low tide rights at eastern end.


Produces good waves in winter conditions for both novice and experienced riders. Often good in stormy periods or when the rest of the Island is blown out.1. Kitty Miller Bay - right hand reef break on moderate to heavy swell. Half to high tide. NW to W.2. Summerland Shore Break - high tide lefts and rights. NW to SW wind. Metre waves are best.3. Centre Crack - Half to low tide and NW to SW wind. Moderate to heavy swell. Winter surf mostly. Best at 1½-2 metres.4. Summerland Point - right hand rocky point at high tide. Protected under Phelan’s Bluff. W to SW winds. 1 to 1½ metres ride. Disclaimer: Whilst every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this leaflet, Bass Coast Shire Council does not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies, omissions, incorrect information or action taken as a result of any information detailed in this guide

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